Ina Maria Schnitzer can’t believe her eyes and ears! A few days ago, the fiancée of the former professional soccer player Umut Kekilli (38) went public with sad news: she was pregnant and had to give birth to her baby dead. The reason: your offspring had an illness. Since then, the beauty has shared her grief publicly with her community online. But it has to be Ina obviously endured some outrageous comments!

Across from Picture the model reports that in addition to all the uplifting words from her followers, there are also negative voices. According to her, some followers have accused the 40-year-old of complicity in her daughter’s stillbirth. “Maybe you should slow down with fitness next time. Your goals should be a healthy baby,” said one Instagram user, among others. “Choose your words wisely and not by some pictures you see here”responded Ina to the allegation from the community, adding that the sport has nothing to do with her late baby’s illness.

That Ina and umut have to struggle with the departure of their daughter, the mother of two made it clear with some emotional words on the net. “Even if we could only spend a short time with you, it was such a precious time for us. You will always be in our hearts, my little angel”she mourned via Instagram.