Cathy Hummels (35) scares the fans again. After numerous rumors of separation, the presenter and her ex Mats Hummels (34) divorced last December. A few days ago, the mother of a son announced that she would like to auction off her former partner’s wedding suit. And indeed – Cathy now sell the good piece! But this action is once again met with displeasure among their followers.

In the description Instagram writes Cathy namely: “In fact, he wanted this bespoke piece of jewelry from his wedding to me, Cathy Hummels, throw away.” This sentence disturbs the fans. “I’m just missing the words” and “Why ‘thrown away, like you’? Do you really believe what you are writing? I think you broke up amicably?” write the followers. Another states soberingly: “And you think Cathy can’t top yourself? Just uncomfortable, this post!”

It’s not the first time the beauty has faced criticism from her followers. A previous post also caused a shitstorm. In the pictures she is apparently topless on her balcony watering her flowers. The fans are shocked!