Is there reason to worry about Justin Bieber (29)? The singer has repeatedly had health problems in recent months, which is why he even ended his world tour prematurely. The musician not only struggles with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, he also complained of severe exhaustion. Actually, he seemed to be doing better – now, however, recordings have appeared that the fans are worried about.

actually was justin spotted boisterously dancing at Coachella. However, later in the festival, his strength seemed to have left him. On tik tok namely went a video viral, in which he hangs powerlessly over a barrier – his wife Hailey Bieber (26) caresses his back and takes care of him.

Fans were then alarmed and expressed their concern in the comment column. “You can see that he’s not doing well. He’s probably getting worse again.”, was one comment, for example. Other users, on the other hand, saw the situation a little more relaxed: “Maybe he’s just a little tired.”