Kourtney Kardashian (44) likes to show her affection in public! TV fame found her partner for life in Travis Barker (47). Last year, the drummer and The Kardashians celebrity sealed their love at three wedding receptions. Since then, a documentary has also been created that offers insights into the romantic adventure – but fans’ opinions are divided. The lovebirds have often faced criticism for showing their affection. Well fight back Kourtney against nasty comments on social media!

On Instagram showed her in one Video, passionately kissing her husband at the wedding party in Italy. Some users consider the clip to be “really disturbing” and express their anger with comments such as: “From stylish to trashy” or “Pornhub is hiring”. But the businesswoman remains completely relaxed and writes: “Dance like nobody’s looking.” Many of her fans also poked fun at her for describing her wedding as “intimate,” despite the fact that camera crews are said to have been there. “They weren’t there. All of the footage is from our personal recordings, many of which were taken with cellphones. I did it my way,” notes Kourtney clear.

The mother of three is probably already used to defending her public cuddle units. After the Met Gala 2022, she explained a French kiss on TV traviswhich provided plenty to talk about: “I don’t want to smear lipstick on him and I don’t want to ruin my lip color – but we don’t want to kiss either. So it has to be French.”

Source: celebtap.com