The spectators are sure! The dance show Let’s Dance not only provides many magical moments. Because the rumor has been around for a few weeks: The candidate Sharon Battiste (31) and her dance partner do not get along well. The professional has already denied this – but every time they stand on the floor, the fans of the show have a strange feeling. Also in show eight the comments pile up Sharon and Christian!

“They are just totally unemotional and not a team” or “I still think that they don’t really harmonize together. Somehow you can see that,” says the official Instagram-Channel of “Let’s Dance”. A few weeks ago it was even said that Sharon would like to have another dance partner because Christian is said to smell unpleasant.

On too Twitter many users find that the two have no connection to each other. “At Sharon and Christian you can almost feel them pretending to like each other”, writes an attentive viewer. Despite the comments, they won the Hot Salsa Night and won over the jury.