Not every child seems to like the Easter Bunny! Hilary Duff (35) is known as an actress and a loving mother: the 35-year-old has two daughters with the musician Matthew Koma. She regularly talks about her role as a mother on social networks. Now she has posted photos again that show her family happiness. But one picture stands out in particular and splits the opinions of the fans.

To mark the Easter holidays, the entrepreneur shared sweet family shots Instagram. What was supposed to be a happy Easter greeting became for Hilarys daughter to a nightmare. One of the pictures shows two-year-old Mae sitting next to the Easter Bunny and crying. Apparently scared, she stretches her hand towards the camera. For some fans, this is not a recording to post.

Concerned fans commented on the post. “Poor Mae”, “If I had a child I wouldn’t force it if it’s obviously scared” or “Trauma isn’t funny! Why are you doing this to her and posting it?! Nasty Mom”, are just some of the comments below the pictures. Other fans, on the other hand, do not see the picture too strictly. “Now honestly, is there really a single child in the world who likes the Easter Bunny”, “The second picture shows what Easter really is like” or “Mae is the best”, wrote users to the post.