The fans agree! A few days ago Kate Merlan (36) and Gustav Masurek (33) were spotted on a date! The two reality TV stars can currently be seen separately on Prominent. There they compete with their respective ex-partners Jakub Jarecki (27) and Karina Wagner (27). However, an attentive one lighted up celebrity flash-Reader Kate and Gustav at a meeting in a restaurant. However, the readers are sure: the photo is posed!

At Instagram there are comments from users who Kate and Gustav alleged to have staged the photo. “It’s so posed”, write several fans under the photo. Another is sure: “Don’t think anything’s going on there. Two weeks ago I did Kate and Jakub seen shopping with her mother.” A third Promiflash reader also knows that the fame of the summer house and her ex-boyfriend give their relationship another chance: “Kate and Jakub do couples therapy.”

It is not the first time that a relationship between Kate and one of their format comrades-in-arms is suspected. At the beginning of March, rumors circulated that the beauty was the reason for the separation of Matthias Höhn (27) and his Michelle. The alleged affair had so far been neither confirmed nor denied.