Is she okay? In the TV show Die Geissens, Carmen (57), Robert (59), Davina (19) and Shania Geiss (18) regularly take viewers to their luxurious lives in Saint-Tropez and Monaco. Now the final episodes of this year’s season of the show have aired and the lady of the house previously announced it in a social media video. But what was said was probably a minor matter for their fans, because one detail immediately caught their eye. They ask themselves: Is everything okay with Carmen?

When viewing the Instagramvideos, it is noticeable that the millionaire’s wife has a clearly swollen eye. Your followers are probably very worried – a social media user writes: “Carmen, are you alright? I hope you just went to the dentist and didn’t have a stroke or something.” However, the “Jet Set” interpreter reassured her fans with the words: “No, everything is fine! Thanks for asking!”

Another follower of the blonde suspects that the swelling could be the result of an eye surgery. In fact, Carmen recently underwent such an operation, declaring, “I’m having lenses put in my eyes so I can finally see you all again.”