It’s shaped for her! Germany’s next top model has been running on TV again for a few months and Heidi Klum’s (49) girls have had to prove themselves several times. As usual, one of the top model candidates has to leave the show every week and former favorites like Leona or Lara have already had to go home. In today’s episode it came to an end for her: Problem candidate Anya flies out of GNTM!

The 19-year-old caused quite a few arguments as part of the format and was already noticed by refusing to practice for the decision walk. That was also the case in the current episode and was her undoing. Heidi asked her: “If you have the opportunity to practice, why don’t you practice? I don’t understand why you don’t take this opportunity!” Guest judge Ashley Graham (35) could not understand this either. The model mom decided that for Anya the journey is over.

In the last episode, Ina’s journey came to an end. The best-ager model was one of the six successors at GNTM, of which only three are still in the race: Nicole, Maike and Marielena still have the chance to be model moms Heidi to convince of their ability.