Arne and Antje’s love is running at breakneck speed! The two Lower Saxony met in the past Bauer sucht Frau season and quickly became a couple. After only a few weeks of relationship, the podiatrist even gave up her old life: she moved in with the dairy farmer and began to work on his farm. Now she apparently even got on her knees in front of him!

At Easter will open RTL the program “Farmer is looking for a wife – what’s going on in the farms?” broadcast in which too arne and Antje visit again. In a first trailer you can see how the two do their everyday work in the cowshed – but then a very special moment followed: walking in the straw Antje on his knees and stood arne the question of all questions: “Do you want to marry me?” Whether he answers “yes” will probably only be seen in the episode.

had in November Antje already on Instagram talked about marriage. At the time, however, she emphasized: “For the marriage proposal arne responsible.” Young people are also an issue for them. However, the couple wants to take their time with this.