Basti falls straight into the house with the door. Along with Sebastian and Thomas, the fashion photographer is one of the three men who heiko at Bauer is looking for a woman International would like to get to know better. On one-to-one dates, the hobby cattle breeder wants to find out who should stay on his farm for a week and who should start the journey home. Basti made his requirements for further rapprochement clear – and spoke about his sexual orientation.

In the first episode of the fifth season, the Bavarian told the plant lover that he wanted a monogamous and closed relationship: “It’s important for me to address that. I’m not only homosexual, but also demisexual.” But heiko didn’t seem to know exactly what he meant by that. The 40-year-old explained: “Demisexuality means that I can only have sex in a partnership and only when feelings and emotions are involved.” Even if he seems jittery before heikos reaction, he seemed to take the whole thing very calmly. “Actually, it’s almost normal for me, because I think if you’ve found a word ‘demisexual’ – no, that’s normal for me. […] I just like that,” the 46-year-old said.

He later emphasized even more clearly that Basti doesn’t want to do things by halves. If it’s between him and heiko should spark, it would be no problem for him, at least from a professional point of view, to leave Germany and move to his chosen one in La Palma: “Especially as a photographer you can do it all over the world and with fashion photography in particular I can travel to where it is, but that’s what I’m already doing now.”