Is Susan the right woman for Emil? The cattle breeder from Namibia currently lives alone on his farm – the TV farmer has been single for five years. But the 56-year-old seems to want to change that: In the current season of Bauer sucht Frau International, the studied social scientist is looking for a woman with whom he can share his life. Apparently Emil needs a little more time for that!

With Susan from Schleswig-Holstein, the TV farmer seems to have found good company. The two get along pretty well. But is it enough for great love? Emil and the groom decide to get to know each other further – but since they are both mental people, they want to take a little more time. “We’re both on the same level, if that doesn’t have potential then I don’t know which one”said Susan.

But what do the fans say about Emil’s potential new partner? “I’m slowly becoming a Susan and Emil fan”wrote in Twitter-Users – many viewers were slightly annoyed by the lady-in-waiting: “But Susan is a bit exhausting” or “Susan is annoying,” the fans wrote.