who can himself Karl Heinz present at his side? Born in Ruhrpottler, he has been single for five years and would like to finally fall in love again with Bauer sucht Frau International. In order to shortlist his applicants, he invited four women for a kind of speed dating. But not everyone can go to his farm in Viterbo, Italy: These two ladies had to go!

In the current episode of the dating show moderated by Inka Bause (54), the olive farmer made it clear: “I would like to invite two, but not together.” He wanted to be able to concentrate on one woman, but also get to know the other. “I would like to invite Bettina and then I would take Claudia”, announced the rancher. The two would have already made his heart beat faster. “I’m totally happy,” said Bettina. But Claudia was also totally enthusiastic: “That’s great. […] I didn’t expect him to choose me.” Miriam and Cornelia, on the other hand, have to travel home.

Bettina and Claudia can look forward to a promising farm week. had previously Karl Heinz emphasizes that he wants to pamper his applicants. “The woman who comes to me expects a homemaker who can cook, bake and make real Italian ice cream”promised the 66-year-old.

Source: celebtap.com