Lisa is disappointed in Ezequiel. The hairdresser had traveled to Argentina to get to know the winemaker at Bauer sucht Frau International better. During the court week, the spark seemed to have jumped over. In the end, they even kissed and stressed that they really wanted to see each other again. But their love shouldn’t last forever: Ezequiel broke up because he stated other interests than Lisa to have. This now reveals: He dumped her via WhatsApp!

“‘Farmer is looking for Ms. International‘ is over now. Ezequiel and I dated for a few months after the show,” she recalls Lisa in one Instagram-Post Office. It was a great and unforgettable time: “The words ‘I love you’ and ‘my darling’ could be heard every day.” In the end got it for Ezequiel but probably not enough. “He broke up, dumped me briefly via WhatsApp – why and why I don’t know exactly myself”, regretted the North Rhine-Westphalian. Nevertheless, she looks positively into the future: “Life goes on for me.”

Could her desire to have children have been a problem? The former Adam sucht Eva candidate had told the father of five that she absolutely wanted to have a baby. However, the librarian reacted somewhat sceptically: “I wouldn’t say no, but first you have to develop a strong relationship and know that it’s not easy.”