Lisa Kemp makes critical statements. The winegrower is currently looking Ezequiel from Argentina at Bauer, Ms. International is looking for love. The winegrower, the former Adam is looking for a candidate for the Hofwoche Lisa and the Bavarian Sybille invited. The two women couldn’t be more different: while Sybille gets up early and helps the Latino prepare breakfast, the redhead prefers to lie in bed. Lisa is glad that Ezequiel does not have a stable where she would have to help early.

In the seventh episode “Farmer is looking for Ms. International” the TV farmer talks to his ladies-in-waiting about their sleeping habits. Lisa admits immediately: “I prefer to stay in bed for a long time. I’m a cuddle mouse!” Ezequiel is someone who doesn’t naturally sleep that long. Sybille also likes to start the day early. revealed in an interview Lisa: “I’m very glad that I chose a wine grower and that he doesn’t have any livestock!” She wouldn’t want to be standing in the barn at six in the morning at all.

“I like people who are early risers”, the Argentine clarifies. In the morning he could even share some togetherness and good conversations with Sybille. The Bavarian had asked him: “How long have you been making coffee just for yourself?” Ezequiel then admitted that he had been single for four years. Sybille explains to him that she has only been making coffee for herself for two years.