Justin and Steffi take their relationship to a new level! The farmer and the doctor’s assistant fell head over heels in love with each other in the last Farmer Wants a Woman International season. They immediately became a couple – the Austrian is even closed after only a few months of relationship justin emigrated to France. A few days ago she also announced big news. Now Steffi announces: She is engaged and pregnant!

On Instagram the French-by-choice shared a series of pictures in which she presented her baby bump. justin caresses it lovingly and beams into the camera with a broad grin. “Sometimes the greatest happiness is tiny”, Steffi said happily. Apparently it won’t be too long before her little miracle sees the light of day. At least that’s what the hashtag #summerbaby indicates. But not only that! Steffi also revealed in her post that she has been engaged since 2022. According to the hashtag #summer wedding, the wedding should also fall in the warm season.

The fans are over the moon about this news. “We beautiful” or “Congratulations” are just two of the many comments. “How wonderful, I’m very happy for you, all the best and have a nice ball time”another fan rejoiced.

Source: celebtap.com