At Tom the ranks are slowly thinning out. The ranch owner had invited three ladies to Australia as part of his Bauer sucht Frau International participation. Heike had to leave immediately because things just didn’t fit with her. Astrid and Claudia, on the other hand, spent several exciting days with him. But two women were Tom still too much: This lady had to go!

In the current episode took Tom both Astrid and Karin aside for a single date to get a better picture of them. Most of all he wanted to keep both of them with him, but that’s not possible. “It’s a difficult time when a decision has to be made. It’s not easy. Karin, I’m sorry. I just don’t think it fits.”proclaimed Tom his decision. However, she is a great woman – he hopes to be able to keep in touch with her in the future. “We can stay friends,” the 50-year-old agreed.

Nevertheless, Karin was surprised when she was kicked out: “I didn’t see it coming at all, I was pretty taken aback. It’s just a very, very sad thing for me to be going.” She would have liked to have stayed longer. Astrid’s joy is all the greater. “I’m pretty relieved now that I have the chance Tom to get to know each other better now. Let’s see if the chemistry is really right and if life could be right for both of us,” said the ground stewardess.