Schnelles Comeback: Eva Mona Rodekirchen zurück bei GZSZ!

That was a short break! Eva Mona Rodekirchen (46) played the role of Maren Seefeld at GZSZ for more than ten years. But her character decided in September to take a long-planned trip around the world with her daughter and to turn her back on the Berlin neighborhood for the time being. After almost 3000 episodes, the actress said goodbye to the set. Now, however, her role returns!

RTL has now announced that Maren will return. Her trip around the world will end soon and she will return to Berlin. When exactly the chaotic waitress will return to the capital, the broadcaster has not yet announced. However, Eva will be back in front of the camera for the popular series from April 2023.

The 46-year-old had already revealed after her departure that she would like to slip back into the role of Maren at some point. “I wish, and that would actually be the best case, that at some point Maren had had enough of her trip around the world and would definitely want to go back to the neighborhood, because 100 percent will come again and I will be able to go to GZSZ with the decisiveness with which I started then to continue as an actress”she had explained to the broadcaster at the time.