Fata Hasanović (28) can’t believe her luck. A few days ago, the former GNTM participant surprisingly announced that her partner Izi and she were expecting children together for the first time. Since then, the beauty has repeatedly provided insights into her pregnancy. For example, she revealed that she suffered a lot from morning sickness for the first three months. Now she shared a particularly sweet moment: Fata heard her baby’s heartbeat for the first time.

On their Instagramaccount, the expectant mother has now published a short clip showing her at the gynecologist. She looks at the ultrasound image with interest, just before the first heartbeats of her unborn child can be heard. Apparently is Fata also totally overwhelmed in this special moment, because tears come to her eyes immediately. “I already love you infinitely. You are my dream come true! Mom and Dad love you”gushed Fata under the post. The doctor also seems to be completely satisfied with the heartbeat, because you can hear her say: “Very strong. Sounds very good”.

How much Fata she had already made it clear several times that she enjoys the time as a pregnant woman. It wasn’t that easy for network fame and her loved ones to get pregnant. “If you want something like that so much and somehow the way to get there wasn’t the easiest, then you think to yourself: ‘Oh God, that’s just such a miracle'”she had assured.

Source: celebtap.com