Faze Jev Wiki (Jason Eugene), Girlfriend, Net Worth And Family Life

Faze Jev Wiki (Jason Eugene), Girlfriend, Net Worth And Family Life

The exploration of the Internet and the explosive maturation of social media have undoubtedly been fantastic and beneficial for so many young people, including FaZe Jev. He is one of the Internet superstars who makes a decent living creating, editing, and playing all kinds of video games.

Jev actually started out small, making and editing videos for his YouTube while having a full-time job with overtime. At that time, he spent nearly four to five hours editing and preparing several games for his new YouTube channel.

After a few years of hard work and tireless dedication, the talented player finally launched his channel in 2009 with the title: poketLWEWT. His first video, entitled: Modern Warfare 3, was released on January 7, 2012, but was not yet able to make waves.

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In the same year, FaZe uploaded three more viral videos – an introduction video to Cure (August 2012 to be exact), Why I left Focus (April 2012), and an introduction video to Focus (March 2012). The following year, YouTuber delighted its fans by dropping Why I left Cure in March and Why I left Darth in September. The success of these super games led to Jev securing a place in the YouTube gaming elite.

Faze Jev Wiki (Jason Eugene), Girlfriend, Net Worth And Family Life
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He later joined the famous FaZe clan in 2014, after the group discovered his talent, creativity, and the strategic way he overcomes difficult levels. The FaZe clan is a group of talented YouTube players who compete online with other gaming teams.

In addition to his incredible talents as a YouTube player, Jev is also in the spotlight because of his love of pink headsets and hilarious comments and tirades during his games. He also uploads vlogs to his channel where he shares his ideas on random topics about his life, career, upbringing, family background, and even personal challenges.

Faze Jev (Jason Eugene) Biography

The American YouTuber was born as Jason Eugene on October 18, 1993, in New Jersey in the United States. Jev, whose sun sign is Libra, is of Indian, Puerto Rican, and African American descent. He grew up together with his three siblings, whose identity he has not yet revealed to his fans.

According to reports, he received his high school education at South Doyle High School, while other details about his academic achievements are not known to the public. Also, there is no information about his early life, his parents, and his family members. However, he once told his fans that he played basketball during his childhood, but that he never enjoyed it as much as playing video games.

Net Worth – How Rich Is He?

Ever since the American YouTuber stormed the mainstream, he has moved from one level to another. Jev’s robust career is tied to his hard work and creativity, which makes him stand out among his contemporaries.

He may not be the highest-paid YouTuber/player, but he certainly has a rapidly growing fortune. His fans on the internet alone are one of the main reasons why his fortune is growing steadily.

Faze Jev Wiki (Jason Eugene), Girlfriend, Net Worth And Family Life
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FaZe Jev makes his fortune mainly through his involvement in the gaming world. At the moment his net worth is supposedly 700.000 dollars, which is not bad considering the few years he has invested. However, if he continues to impress his fans with his creativity, we are pretty sure that his fortune will double in the near future.

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Family Life – Is He Married? Does He Have A Girlfriend?

Jason is not married yet, but he is in a serious relationship with his longtime lover, Alexis. The two have been together for some time and have recently decided to live together in Jev’s apartment in New Jersey.

Previously, the YouTuber, who seemed to have had a difficult childhood, lived with his grandparents. He moved out in 2017 and was a wonderful pet for his sweetheart Alexis and her two pets. FaZe’s girlfriend is an avid gamer and a popular face in social media. You can connect with her by using the username @AbstractSweater.

However, FaZe Jev has never been married before. He has no documented relationships and has never had children of his own. His sexual orientation is heterosexual, as he is not interested in people of his gender.

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