She has already found her way. For four years, Mareike Schneider was seen as a coach in front of the cameras on the reality show The Biggest Loser. In the meantime, the native of Gelsenkirchen has built a foothold as a fitness influencer. The brunette gives her fans regular insights into her sporting life on social media. celebrity flash has now followed up with the entrepreneur and wanted to know: Does Mareike sometimes feel pressure to always have to be perfectly “in shape”?

In an exclusive interview with celebrity flash the 36-year-old gives a clear answer: “Definitely used to. I prepared myself physically from one shoot to the next. Especially during my time as a bikini athlete, where you are compared in competitions from a purely visual point of view.” In the past, Mareike had therefore compared herself a lot with others and had a fairly critical self-image.

Today, however, the influencer sees the topic with completely different eyes: “In retrospect, it was an absolute overexploitation of my body and it no longer had much to do with a healthy lifestyle. I now live without pressure and without comparing myself to others. It is much more pleasant, sustainable and beautiful“, explains the beauty in an interview. Above all, physical signs would have supported her rethinking in terms of lifestyle – among other things, Mareike’s period stayed away for four years.