Felix Neureuther (39) gets angry about this topic! The former German ski racer likes to use social media to give insights into his private life. A total of 500,000 people follow the athlete and are happy about his contributions. Whether family snapshots, cute pictures with his wife or videos of wild ski races, Felix always lets his fans participate in his everyday life. But surprisingly, the sports star has now admitted that she’s not a fan of social media at all!

“We are now reduced to something like that, that only the number of clicks is the decisive factor. That’s not real life.”explained the Neureuther in the BR24Sport podcast “Pizza & Fries” to Philip Nagel. Above all, Felix is ​​bothered by the hype about the likes: “He didn’t like me, I don’t like him anymore – such bullshit.” This also affects young people and children and makes them forget the real world.

Felix thus outed himself openly as a critic. Even though he uses social media himself. It wasn’t until early March that the father documented his little daughter Matilda’s ski show. It became clear: the little one seems to have inherited her father’s talent. The athlete’s fans were delighted with the short video.

Source: celebtap.com