Fernando Alonso (41) seems to take it with humor. It was only a few hours ago that the Formula 1 driver was said to be dating pop star Taylor Swift (33). The singer has only recently been single again. Spanish media are said to be convinced that the two have been meeting regularly for a week. Well reacted Fernando to the rumors – and with humor.

On his tik tokchannel shares Fernando a funny little video. In it he sits on a chair, then only briefly lifts his head and winks at the camera. is in the background Taylor’s Listen to the song “Karma”. The athlete does not give his fans any more information and as a comment he writes an almost cryptic message underneath: “Race week era”. Without further elaborating, this can be a subtle reference to Taylor’s ongoing “The Eras Tour”. It seems as if the racer wants to make fun of the rumors with the post.

At least Taylor’s find fans Fernandos Video seems very entertaining. Previously, they had speculated and considered wild scenarios in which the two would date. At Twitter Among other things, a fan writes happily: “I love good, non-serious humor.” Another says: “I hope they get together and have a laugh because it’s really silly.”

Source: celebtap.com