HealthyMandy and FitnessOskar are not giving up hope. The sports influencers have had to cope with many setbacks lately. Her little son Rio was born last year – but then the big shock: her then four-month-old baby died of an autoimmune disease. After a successful fertilization, the couple recently lost another embryo. Now Mandy explains why she and Oskar don’t want to wait with their desire to have children!

On Sunday, a fan asked the 28-year-old as part of a question and answer session Instagramwhich is why she doesn’t pause for a few cycles. “The oocytes will be removed soon and there will be a break anyway while all the examinations are going on”, explained the blonde. In addition, the beauty revealed that she is currently undergoing hormonal stimulation. Next Monday, an ultrasound will be used to see how her egg cells are developing.

Her eggs are expected to be removed on May 10th or 11th. Then it’s time to wait a month or two. “We’re trying to relax a little, even if it’s not always that easy.”, Mandy pointed out. In any case, the couple will take their followers on their way again.