Fidel Lopez Crime Scene Photos – The Story Behind Gruesome Murder
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Fidel Lopez brutally murdered his girlfriend, Maria Nemeth. Her murder is known as one of the most heinous murders. People are interested in finding photographs of Fidel Lopez’s crime scene.

This article will describe all the details of the murder, the crime scene photos, and his arrest.

Let us explore what happened between the former couple.

The Rough S*x That Lead To Outrage

Maria Nemeth and Fidel Lopez were celebrating a week since moving in together.

Maria Nemeth was the rental manager of the apartment where she lived with her boyfriend. The apartment was still being furnished, so the couple used cardboard boxes to make a table.

Things took a romantic turn while drinking, and the very next moment the couple engaged in a s*xual act.

The couple had a rough s*x in which Maria reportedly molested her ex twice, which infuriated Fidel.

Fidel Lopez Crime Scene Photos – The Story Behind Gruesome Murder
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Lopez revealed that he was irritated and lost his mind.

He claimed that he lost control after drinking tequila, breaking the sliding glass door, punching holes in the wall, and ripping the cupboard door off its hinges.

According to the police complaint, he returned to 31-year-old Maria, who was unconscious and attacked her with numerous objects, including beer bottles.

The police complaint states that he damaged her intestines with his hands. When the police arrived, he asked for help next to her naked body.

The Footage Revealed The Crime Scene 

The crime scene where Fidel Lopez mutilated his lover Maria Nameta after she screamed her ex’s name during s*x has been made public in a grisly.

The footage showed the blood-spattered inside of the Sunrise, Florida, home where Fidel Lopez claimed to police that he killed Maria Nameth.

This is seen in the video footage taken by crime scene investigators.

The area covered in blood appears to be the closet where the couple allegedly engaged in s*x, after which she was killed.

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Other scenes filmed show an open tequila bottle, cut limes, a broken sliding glass door, and a hole in the wall.

Detectives discovered body tissue in the closet, and there was a lot of blood on the floor and walls.

The sliding glass door was broken and the walls were damaged, indicating a struggle. It became clear that a murder had taken place in the Sunrise apartment.

The Arrest Of Fidel Lopez

When Lopes was first taken in for questioning, he pleaded that his girlfriend Maria was ill.

He claimed that after the two had drunk tequila and engaged in rough s*x, Nemeth had difficulty breathing, which was when he called an ambulance.

When the police arrived at the crime scene, they assumed it was a misdirection during a failed abortion attempt.

Fidel Lopez Crime Scene Photos – The Story Behind Gruesome Murder

In the bathroom, they found the corpse of Maria Nemeth, with Lopez sitting next to her corpse, crying.

The police started an investigation against him. Eventually, he admitted to ripping out Nemeta’s intestines in a fit of jealousy.

He also admitted to pulling out Nemeta’s privates in a jealous rage.

According to the police, Lopez confessed to turning into a monster and destroying the apartment before killing Nemeth.

Fidel Lopez was sentenced to life imprisonment in Florida after pleading guilty to murder and s*xual assault to avoid the death penalty.