The coronation countdown is on! After Queen Elizabeth II (✝96) died in September last year, her son became the head of the monarchy. So that nothing can go wrong at King Charles’ (74) tomorrow’s coronation, the ceremony has been rehearsed for days. Today was the final practice for the big event, where Charles’ son was also present. On this occasion, Prince William (40) presented himself in a ceremonial robe!

photosthe Hello Magazine available, show the British heir to the throne in a noble robe. He wears a dark blue velvet cape decorated with gold jewelry. William wears a black hat with large white feathers on his head. Onlookers suspect that the robe is the so-called “Garter Robes”, which are only worn on solemn occasions.

The clothes that Charles and King’s wife Camilla (75) will wear have already been determined. How People reported, work was in full swing on two robes for the royal couple. Charles and his wife will be dressed in state robes upon arrival at Westminster Abbey. They will leave the ceremony in even more traditional robes.