What was going on with Philipp Boy (35)? The gymnast is currently dancing with Patricija Ionel (28) weekly at Let’s Dance. Last Friday, the duo even scored 60 points – the highest number of points that could be achieved throughout the evening. In today’s show, too, the athlete was able to get full points for his Paso Doble. But he seems to have run out of breath during the dreaded improv dance. Philipp has to receive harsh words from the jury!

“You can’t give up like that in the middle of the dance,” complains dance judge Motsi Mabuse (42) after the improvised Charleston Philip and his dance partner. Joachim Llambi (58) finds even harder words for the candidate who seems close to tears: “Do you still have them all on the lamp? You were a competitive athlete, you endured pressure. […] Your nerves probably cost you the final.” For this, the juror only awarded a rare three points in the semifinals! Total received Philip only 17 points for the dance and ends up in last place in this round.

Although the jury praised his first Paso Doble to the skies and rewarded him with the highest number of points, the spectators were rather semi-enthusiastic and could not quite understand the verdict. “I don’t know, folks. Of the love Philip stood up and stood up more Patricija waited or they lifted than danced” or “Do the other couples get 40 points? That can’t be true,” the users commented Twitter upset.

Source: celebtap.com