The 11th season of “The Walking Dead” has been available for streaming on Disney+ for a while now, and now Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are finally delivering more episodes from the final season – but still not all of them.


As early as November 2023, the very last episode of “The Walking Dead” flashed across the screens – and in parallel with the American broadcast also in this country on Disney +, where all 177 episodes of the eleven seasons of the zombie hit can be listened to From then on. But while the finale was widely reported at the time, local fans following the series on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video looked down the drain.

There, too, “The Walking Dead” enjoys great popularity, but there is always a delay, so that the eleventh season is still not complete here – even if there are at least stocks that resolve the cliffhangers of the first eight season episodes: Eight more episodes of The Walking Dead are now available to stream on both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

» “The Walking Dead” Season 11 (Episodes 1-16): at Netflix / on Amazon Prime Video*

But those hoping to finally enjoy the big deal on the two platforms will be disappointed. The episodes that have been added are only the second of three parts of the final season…

That’s why season 11 is not yet complete on Netflix and Prime Video

While “The Walking Dead” has now celebrated its German premiere in season 11 on Disney+ (and also on pay TV on ProSieben Fun), as mentioned, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are only the second streaming point, which is several months apart the first must to release new episodes.

» “The Walking Dead” Season 11 (Complete) on Disney+*

The fact that not all episodes from season 11 can still be found there is simply because the 24 episodes of the final season were released in their original premiere in three parts, each with eight episodes and a few months break in between. The distances to be observed for the Disney+ release apply to the other providers for each individual part of the season, so that season 11C and with it the really last episodes of “The Walking Dead” on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video can only be expected in the summer of 2023.

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