Was Sharon Battiste’s (31) Let’s Dance exit justified? The ex-Bachelorette had to say goodbye to her dream of becoming a Dancing Star in 2023 in the last show. Before that, she had danced her emotional magic moment to “Can’t Help Falling In Love”: losing her hair – and accepting her beloved bald head. Then she gave everything again in the bachata duel against Anna Ermakova (23). But despite the total of 54 points from the jury, the audience decided against it Sharon. Was that fair?

3,056 celebrity flashreaders voted in total (as of April 29, 1 p.m.) – and came to this conclusion: 72.8 percent (2,225 votes) think that Sharon’s Getting kicked out was the right decision. The majority of “Let’s Dance” fans were probably not satisfied with their performance. The remaining 27.2 percent (831 votes), on the other hand, think it’s a shame that they won’t see Christian Polanc (44) dance anymore.

Also under the corresponding Instagram-Post, many express the opinion that Sharon rightly had to hang up her dancing shoes. But why actually? A few users have the following theory: “I don’t think it was even because of her dancing that she had to leave today. She seems unlikable, at least to me.” Others defend the beauty: “Sharon dances a thousand times better than Knossi (36)! He should have left, but he has this huge fan base.”

Source: celebtap.com