Cody Simpson (26) is totally in love. The singer has had to endure some love failures: after his relationship with Miley Cyrus (30) failed, he met model Marloes Stevens. But at the beginning of 2022 all traces of the relationship disappeared from the network and shortly thereafter he appeared with the swimmer Emma McKeon (28). The two have been together for a year now – and cody can’t stop raving about it.

On Instagram he now shares a photo of his sweetheart, who is a professional swimmer like him, looking shirtless out of the window. “I look at her and a light goes through me. A year with you. Ever since I met you I feel like I’m living in constant sunlight”writes cody including poetic. Emma is the brightest sun for the athlete: “You can only appreciate it when it’s there, feel it everywhere and let it sink in. Love is exactly the same. I love you,” he adds.

In the comments, the fans are very enthusiastic about the declaration of love. “What heartfelt, poetic words that describe a deep love you feel”, a user rejoices. “You’re living like you hit the jackpot. Congratulations,” agrees another.