Is there still thick air between Dieter Bohlen (69) and Katja Krasavice (26)? In the past few months there had been a heated argument between the two DSDS jurors. After the pop titan candidate Jill Lange (22) had insulted sexistically at the casting, he complained Katya online against their colleagues. The whole thing even went so far that the music producer allegedly asked the singer to leave the jury. But Katya still sits behind the desk today, in the first live show. Is there anything left of the tension between them?

Both the on-site spectators and those behind the television screens can hardly fail to notice that the mood among the jury members is slightly tense. Every now and then you can see the 69-year-old whispering to Pietro Lombardi (30), but he does not contact the “Raindrops” interpreter. The two brawlers neither look at each other nor speak to each other. But despite the underlying tension, there hasn’t been an argument in front of the cameras so far.

“Dieter is really euphoric today. You don’t even notice that he Katya wants to show how popular he is”a viewer commented on Twitter what is happening in the studio. “‘We are a big family’ – yes, at least two people hate each other at the jury desk alone. So nice,” tweeted another user.