That didn’t sit well with the viewers at all! The first live show of this year’s season of DSDS started yesterday. Unfortunately, the dream of becoming a great superstar has now come to an end for two candidates: Natalie and Rose could not convince the viewers. But who was even less able to convince the TV audience because of his behavior was Dieter Bohlen (69). In fact, the fans were during the first DSDSLive show visibly annoyed by the pop titan!

As part of the program, the music producer ceremonially walked into the studio at the beginning and he sang several songs throughout the evening. In addition, the 69-year-old praised himself several times for his own career. All of this was probably a thorn in the side of many viewers and via Twitter one fan said sarcastically: “The motto today: Dieter Bohlen is the hottest.” Another comment read: “Katja takes out the puke bag right away, like herself dieter performs.”

In fact, a large part of the TV audience seems certain that the former Modern Talking singer wanted to annoy the behavior of his jury colleague Katja Krasavice (26). There had been a dispute between him and the “Casino” interpreter in the past few weeks. “You can tell he wants to show her how popular he is”analyzed another social media user.