The viewers have made a decision. Fight week after week among other things Shem Eisinger, Natalie NockRose Ndumba and also Peris Achilleas Grigoriadis at DSDS about getting closer to their goal of becoming Germany’s new superstar. In today’s first live show, they once again demonstrated their vocal talent. But which top ten candidate was able to convince the jury and the audience and for whom did the dream burst today?

Until the last must in the decision Lawa Baban, Rose Ndumba, Peris Grigoriadis as well Natalie Nock tremble, then moderator Laura Wontorra (34) announces the last two participants who will be allowed to be back on the big stage next week: lava and Peris can be happy! For Natalie and rose however, calls from viewers were not enough. “We say thank you Natalie and rose. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough”the 34-year-old announces while the two women try to cope with being kicked out.

Before the decision was announced, viewers were also given a special performance by Menderes (38). the cultDSDS-Contestant sang a medley consisting of several songs. Including the well-known hit by Daniel Küblböck (✝33): “You Drive Me Crazy”. In this way, the former participant should be paid tribute once again.