“The Walking Dead” ended with season 11, but fans, of course, know: many series will be replenished in the form of spin-offs. The offshoot about Rick and Michonne is especially eagerly awaited. Now here are the first set of photos.


The zombie series “The Walking Dead” has now become an entire universe. It all started when Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) woke up in a hospital bed to find the world in shambles. Fan favorite Rick hasn’t made the full 11 seasons of The Walking Dead, but he’s about to make a big comeback in a spin-off alongside Michonne (Danai Gurira).

The Walking Dead: Rick & Michonne has now started filming and crew celebrated the start of the “next chapter in Rick and Michonne’s story” with a tweet featuring the first images from the set. Of course, not too much is shown here – but the lovers’ clasped hands and the covered chairs with the characters’ names are a nice teaser.

But it will be a long time before the series starts. The Walking Dead: Rick & Michonne was originally set to launch in 2023, but has since been pushed back to 2024. But that doesn’t mean a long “TWD” dry spell awaits you now, as plenty of other offshoots or new seasons of existing spin-offs are planned.

This series “The Walking Dead” is waiting for you

For example, you can look very freshStories of the walking deadjoy. The anthology series about many individual misadventures during the zombie apocalypse began on February 19, 2023 on Magenta TV. Next up is May 15, 2023 Season 8A of Fear the walking dead to Amazon Prime Video. This is the first half of the final season – the second half is scheduled for Fall/Winter 2023.

The two offshoots are also scheduled to open in 2023 The Walking Dead: Dead Cityabout the adventures of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) in New York and The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon will be released via the eponymous fan favorite (Norman Reedus). By the way, in the Daryl series, for the first time in the history of “TWD”, we go to Europe, more precisely, to France – where, of course, there are zombies.

The six-part miniseries”The Walking Dead: Rick & Michonne Like I said, it won’t come until 2024 – and whether or how “The Walking Dead” will continue beyond that remains to be seen.

Finally, “The Walking Dead” season 11 continues on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video – with a big catch