Jennifer Saro is obviously very happy. It has long been speculated whether the influencer will be the new Bachelorette. And since today it’s official: In the coming season she can look for great love among a group of men and distribute the roses. And you can see the anticipation for the show – because now are the first pictures of jennifer as a bachelorette out there.

RTL not only announces today that jennifer slips into the role of the rose distributor, but also shows the first radiant pictures. In the official photos, she shows herself with a big smile on her lips. She poses sexy in a tight dress and of course always with the rose in her hand. The station also briefly presents its new bachelorette online and in the short clip the 27-year-old content creator dances with anticipation. However, there is currently no start date.

Until the announcement was jennifer already the secret favorite for the post as Bachelorette. Diana Kaloev in particular was sure that Jenny would be looking for her dream man on TV. “This time I’m just so sure. […] The influencer is called jennifer saro”said the former candidate at The Bachelor Instagram. And the community was already sure.