Antonia Hemmer is well received! The first episode of this year’s Battle of the Reality Stars season flickered across TV screens on Wednesday night. Among the candidates is also the farmer looking for a woman fame Antonia. Most recently she was seen with her ex-boyfriend Patrick Romer (27) in the summer house of the stars. In the show, the farmer repeatedly humiliated her, so that Antonia separated from him. Now fans noticed how much the blonde is blossoming!

In “Battle of the Reality Stars” Antonia seemed different compared to the summer house. She was loud, funny and had loose jokes on her lips. “I can’t believe I’m alone here without Patrick”, the reality TV actress couldn’t believe it. With “Unusual, if Antonia is not shy in the corner – you stand up”, “A lot of love for Antonia” and “In this case you can absolutely congratulate yourself on being single, dear Antonia”, among other things, viewers commented Twitter the positive aura of beauty.

“Now I’m showing what I’m made of and that I’m still the old Antonia from before, with whom you can have fun, who’s funny – crazy Toni”, Antonia promised viewers on the show. The TV personality didn’t shy away from giving her ex a dig. “It’s already a win for me to be there to show that I can do it without [Patrick] done,” she said.