For this star, the TV adventure is already over! At The Masked Singer, celebrities slip into a costume made for them and sing on the big show stage every week. Your goal: not to be recognized! In each show, a star has to take off his mask and reveal his identity. In the opening show of the show, the audience votes were not enough for the kangaroo. This celebrity was under the mask!

It got pretty tight for three participants: the kangaroo, the seahorse and the mushroom wobbled. The seahorse and the mushroom were able to breathe a sigh of relief and can now keep their identities secret for a little longer. In the end it wasn’t enough for the kangaroo. Under the mask was none other than actor Jan Josef Liefers (58)!

Apparently not everyone expected that. While rate guest Wincent Weiss (30) suspected Jakob Lundt in the kangaroo costume, rate queen Ruth Moschner (46) guessed Goetz Alsmann (65). Only Rea Garvey (49) and the audience were correct in their assumptions that it was the crime scene actor!