Being single is a whole new experience for Romina Palm (23)! This news shook many fans of the model: she and her fiancé Stefano Zarrella (32) have split up. There will be no wedding! Most recently, the influencer was pretty quiet due to a social media break. In the meantime she has reported back – and is now speaking openly about her love-off: Romina has never been single and now she has to learn to be alone!

In Alex Mariah Peters (25) podcast Yum Yum Hustlers the beauty opened up about the fact that after splitting from Stefano living alone for the first time. “I actually always come from relationships, I’ve always lived in relationships and made myself dependent on my partner to a certain extent.” Further explained Romina: “I moved in with a partner directly from my parents – with my ex-boyfriend. I didn’t know that to concentrate on myself all alone.”

At first, the ex-GNTM candidate felt a little helpless: “I didn’t even know how to draw up a rental agreement, where to register electricity […]. Now in the last three weeks I’ve had to do so much at once. It was overwhelming, but it was also a step towards independence.” Finally, he emphasized Romina: “That’s what I always wanted and suppressed – because my partner always believed it from me. Of course it’s more comfortable when the partner takes the decision away from you. But now I can concentrate on myself.”