You speak frankly! HealthyMandy and FitnessOskar lost their son Rio last December after just a few months to an inherited autoimmune disease. The couple is currently undergoing pre-implantation diagnostics on the way to their second child. They want to use this to filter out healthy embryos before they implant. Although the web stars don’t care about the gender of their offspring, they now reveal the difficulty with a female embryo.

in one YouTubevideo, the fitness influencer tells that from a medical point of view it is possible to insert a female embryo. From an ethical point of view, the couple wanted to do without it. Your daughter could pass on the disease: “Imagine our daughter is getting older and we say to her: ‘You may give birth to a child with a terminal disease'”, the 32-year-old continues. The couple wanted to spare their future child this shock. Nevertheless, it will also be difficult for the male embryos…

“The males do not have a long life expectancy, many die in the womb or in the first few months […] You saw that at Rio”explained FitnessOskar further. In the same video, the two learned a little later that one of the 24 egg cells removed ultimately developed into a healthy embryo.