Deadpool 3 will see a reunion with MCU hero Wolverine, who will of course be played again by Hugh Jackman. The star now spoke in an interview about the downsides of his most famous role.

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In September 2022, “Deadpool” protagonist Ryan Reynolds had a very special surprise for his fans: he announced that Hugh Jackman would make his comeback as Wolverine in “Deadpool 3”! No one really expected that, because Jackman actually gave up his claws after 2017’s “Logan – The Wolverine”. It is not yet known what Wolverine is up to in the third “Deadpool” movie and how big his role will be. But one thing is certain: the mutant will return and is already fine-tuning his appearance.

Because, of course, Jackman’s mountains of muscle, visually distinguishing Wolverine, do not grow overnight. He’s already training and has his fans participate in his preparations from time to time – and also keeps fellow Reynolds updated on his progress with hilarious statements on social media, as you can read here:

Hugh Jackman needs work on his voice

However, Jackman’s role in Wolverine not only requires a lot of muscle training, but also a skill that most moviegoers probably haven’t given much thought to. In an interview with the BBC the actor talked about a negative side Wolverine brings: his broken voice!

Jackman’s made six movies and a few extra appearances as Wolverine and these pretty much destroyed his vocal cords, as he himself reports: “My falsetto isn’t as strong as it used to be and that’s because of all the growling and screaming”. Although he learned to shout well as an actor during his studies, he made many mistakes. “Now I’m on it. I work with a singing teacher and try not to hurt myself anymore”Jackman explained.

Jackman’s need for a healthy, strong voice becomes even more understandable when one thinks about his other films such as “Les Misérables” or “The Greatest Showman” and his Broadway career. The actor has not only sung and danced in numerous movies but is also an established singer. Of course, he does not need destroyed vocal cords.

What we already know about “Deadpool 3”.

“Deadpool” and “Deadpool 2” were not only quite entertaining, but also quite brutal. The third part is now being produced by Disney, as the mouse company bought 20th Century Fox in 2019. Skeptics were concerned that the violent outbursts and curses that make the films what they are could become too soft in Disney’s hands. But these fears have long been dispelled. “Deadpool 3” should also get an R rating, ie a US adult age rating.

Deadpool 3 is scheduled to hit theaters on November 6, 2024. You can see what could happen next here: