They celebrate today in a different way! Fitness influencer Julian Zietlow came after separating from his longtime girlfriend Alina Schulte in the courtyard a little later with his new flame Kate Kolosavskaia together. After a period of complete intoxication and ecstasy in Thailand, the couple is currently enjoying a little break in Dubai. Well shared Julian a boobie grabber photo with his for Father’s Day Kate!

With the title “Happy Father’s Day”, the 38-year-old shared new snapshots on Instagram this morning. In the photos are him and his girlfriend Kate eager to make out. One of the recordings even shows how Julian wildly kneads the brunette’s left breast while he kisses her completely unrestrained. Some users find clear words for Julian’s strange post: “I can’t remember ever seeing anything more embarrassing” or “Really unpleasant – lost souls!”

Of course, the photos cause many of his fans to shake their heads again. “Will someone please help him?” or “Are you her father?”, some of them asked rhetorically in the virtual group. The father of two had actually traveled to Dubai to finally see his youngest daughter again – there are no photos of it on social media on Father’s Day today.