Sarah Harrison (31) shows her followers from a different side. The blonde has been on German TV screens since she took part in Der Bachelor. She is now active as an influencer with over three million followers on her social media channels and regularly shows off her well-trained body in often skimpy outfits. But now she wants to give her community more reality and shows her body in a very natural pose.

On Wednesday, the beauty posted a comparison picture on hers Instagramchannel – she wears the same blue sports outfit on both shots. On the left picture has itself Sarah optimally positioned, the pelvis pushed back slightly and her stomach obviously tense. In the photo on the right she photographed herself in an everyday standing position. The legs don’t look quite as narrow and her stomach suddenly looks wonderfully normal and not quite as trained anymore. “Left 2:00 p.m., right 2:01 p.m. A body can change so quickly – the right pose makes the difference.”she wrote.

Your fans are excited about this post. “After your pictures I can breathe again and let my stomach out”was a relieved comment and another user also gratefully accepts the honest contribution: “I think it’s great that you show it like that.”