Even older lonely hearts should soon find happiness! The formats The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise are extremely popular and all have one goal: to find love! Normally, young people who meet an ideal of beauty try to do this – in Germany, for example, most recently David Jackson. But now people over the age of 20 should also have the chance to find the perfect partner: The US broadcaster ABC wants to launch “Golden Bachelor”!

In the new offshoot of the successful format, lonely seniors are to be paired up, as stated in a press release in Variety is announced. The new reality show will be “a whole new kind of love story – one for the golden years.” The “Golden Bachelor” will be about a “hopeless romantic” who is “given a second chance in love, looking for a partner with whom he can share the last years of his life”. It’s the same with his candidates, who will also use their life experience to experience a second spring.

As the broadcaster reports, the idea of ​​a senior version of the bachelor’s has existed for a long time, but has not yet been implemented. Since the German bachelor formats were all adopted from the USA, it is not unlikely that “Golden Bachelor” will also be adapted in this country.

Source: celebtap.com