That might be difficult! Pink (43) recently revealed that she has set a rule for her offspring: no smartphones. She wants to keep her two offspring away from social media in particular. This often leads to emotional conflicts, especially with her older child. now there Pink praise that she suggested to her daughter Willow (11) how she could still get around the rule!

During her conversation with “Carolina With Greg T In The Morning Show” says the 43-year-old: “I have [Willow] To put it bluntly, ‘If you can provide literature from a reputable source that tells me social media is good for you, then you can be there. Otherwise good luck.'” The fact that other parents allow their kids to be on platforms like TikTok makes the situation more difficult for them Pinkbut she makes it clear to her daughter that this doesn’t change anything about the decision to have her children…

“My daughter then looks at me with tears in her eyes and says, ‘Why am I the only kid who can’t do that?'”remembered Pink in an interview with dpa few weeks ago. She then explains to her: “Because you are the only child who will remember the camping trip.” When asked if the singer stared at her phone too much herself, she replied, “Oh yeah! I’m 100 percent guilty.”