What exactly does she mean by her sayings? At Der Bachelor, eight candidates are still competing for the TV bachelor David Jackson – including Chiara Dülberg from Munich. However, some of her fellow campaigners are not quite sure whether she is really serious about the half-American. Is she only taking part in the show to become a Bachelorette herself? Brought six in episode Chiara now a strange saying!

David invited the girls to a pool party, of course the girls wore bikinis. “Whether I’m wearing jeans and a winter jacket or the tightest bikini doesn’t change my charisma,” emphasized Chiara first – but then explained: “But of course it’s still a valuable image for a TV show.” This assessment of a TV format was not well received by many fans.

On the official Instagramaccount of “The Bachelor”, a viewer commented on the sixth episode and wrote: “Chiara couldn’t make it more obvious that she’s only there for fame.” Another user says that the brunette doesn’t seem completely honest: “Chiara looks so unsympathetic, right, uncomfortable and fake.”

Source: celebtap.com