Do Peter Klein (56) and Yvonne Woelke (41) live together. The fact that the two TV celebrities are said to have had an affair in Australia last year caused a major public scandal – because they were both married. But their marriages broke up because of the rumours. However, they are apparently very close and even do a renovation show together. And for this should Peter and Yvonne now live under one roof.

Picture wants to know that Yvonne and Peter not only spend the working days together during the shooting of their show. The musician and the model should even live under the same roof. The reason for this is the broadcaster’s regulation that the participating celebrities are not accommodated in a hotel but in apartments. Exactly where that is is said to be top secret. But since it’s probably a small town with ramshackle houses, it shouldn’t be difficult for the two to get closer.

Appeared for their shipment Yvonne and Peter to prepare very intensively in the past few weeks. They were recognized several times by observant celebrity flash-Readers seen in a nearby hardware store in Siegen in North Rhine-Westphalia. There they bought building materials together and seemed to get along very well despite the heavily loaded shopping trolleys.