Libby Trickett is a proud mother of four. In swimming, the professional athlete is a real size. She made it to the Olympic Games several times and was even able to win gold medals there. And privately she seems to be more than happy. The native Australian already has three children with her husband Luke. And now comes number four: Libby has become a mom again!

About your Instagram-Account announced Libby the sweet news. “The last little piece of our family puzzle – for real this time. Alfred Sunny Trickett arrived at 9:09 am on May 17 with an elective emperor birth weighing 3.5 kilograms and 52 centimeters“, says the beaming mom. The birth was calm and “full of joy”, just like her other deliveries: “I couldn’t have wished for a better way to meet our little boy.”

That Libby Being a mother for the fourth time, she had been talking to The Morning Show betrayed in December last year. She didn’t know the gender at the time and after three daughters she didn’t seem to want to guess. “I actually thought it would all be boys, so right now I’m zero out of three as far as predicting my baby’s gender.”laughed the 38-year-old.