Does it get easier? Blake Lively, 35, and Ryan Reynolds, 46, became parents for the fourth time in January. Their children Betty, Inez and James were happy to have a little sister – but the actors are still reluctant to give details such as the name of the little ones. However, the daughter of the dream couple has already made the first trip. But how is life for Blake and Ryan with four children?

Ryan revealed that the birth of baby number four with Blake wasn’t as challenging as the kid before. “It was a big leap from two to three children,” the 46-year-old said ET Canada. “Three down to four. I can’t speak for my wife but it’s just what I’ve observed. But we love it. You know, we’d be idiots if we didn’t love it.”

He and Lively would have always wished for a large family as they both grew up with many siblings. “I have three siblings, Blake has four”, said the “Deadpool” star. “We’re both the youngest,” he added.