Francisco Lindor Girlfriend, Wife, Parents, Family, Age, Height

Francisco Lindor Girlfriend, Wife, Parents, Family, Age, Height

Francisco Lindor is a Puerto Rican professional baseball player who plays as a shortstop for the Cleveland Indians of Major League Baseball (MLB). He was the first shortstop from Puerto Rico to win the Gold Glove Award. Lindor is also known for his excellent shortstop defense and for possibly having the best smile in baseball, which earned him the nickname Mr. Smile.

Francisco was rated the most promising Indian candidate in 2013 and has not only met the prediction but far exceeded it.

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Francisco Lindor Bio (Age)

The Indian Shortstop was born on November 14, 1993, in Caguas, Puerto Rico, as Francisco Miguel Lindor. Always drawn with a broad grin, he was called Mr. Smile by his relatives and Paquito (a nickname for people with the name Francisco in Spanish-speaking countries).

Francisco Lindor Girlfriend, Wife, Parents, Family, Age, Height
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Francisco was obviously born with the talent of a top player and it didn’t take long after his birth to show it. Already at the age of 4, his father helped him to play and learn basic baseball skills. At the age of 12, he would move to the USA, Central Florida, probably to improve his skills and find better ground for his talent.

In his new home, he attended the preparatory school of the Montverde Academy in Montverde, Florida, where he demonstrated his skills and received a number of awards, including being recognized by USA Today as one of the best high school baseball players. He was then inducted into the All-USA High School Baseball Team. Francisco Lindor’s contributions to the school’s sports history (baseball) and his outstanding achievements inspired the school to name its baseball facility after him in 2013.

The Puerto Rican was called up in the first round as the eighth overall Cleveland Indians’ team in the 2011 MLB selection. He was to play college baseball on a full scholarship with the Seminoles baseball team at Florida State University before deciding to sign a contract with the Indians.

Shortly after his professional debut in June 2015, he won the American League (AL) Rookie of the Month award for September, beating .362. In his seemingly short career, he has won such coveted awards as the Esurance MLB Award 2016 for Best Defender, the Gold Glove Award, and Platinum Glove Award the same year, and his first Silver Slugger Award in 2017. He finished second in the 2015 American League Rookie of the Year awards and received his first All-Star award in 2016.

Francisco Lindor not only helped his team to reach the 2016 World Series but was also selected by his home country on the national front for the 2017 All-WBC Team.

His Family, Parents; Wife or Girlfriend?

Paquito was born into a family that loves and plays baseball. As such, he grew up with the desire to become like his older brother and cousin who played the game. Francisco is the third of four children of his parents, Miguel Angel Lindor (father) and Maria Serrano (mother). At the age of 12, he moved to the United States with his father, his stepmother, and his youngest sibling, a disabled sister. Later, his mother and two older siblings joined him in August 2011 after he signed with the Indians.

Francisco noted in an interview that the main reason for his family’s migration was the welfare of his disabled sister. He is obviously a family-oriented man and has said that his family is everything to him.

Francisco Lindor Girlfriend, Wife, Parents, Family, Age, Height
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Francisco Lindor would feel comfortable with any girl but would prefer to take a Latina anytime. Obviously, he enjoys the resonance that sharing, be it a joke or whatever, in his native language, and has said that there is this difference between when a joke is told in Spanish and when it is told in English.

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True to his wish, he found the perfect partner for him in Nilmarie Huertas, who was born on 9 August 1991. Nilmarie’s brother, David Huertas, plays professional basketball in the national team of Puerto Rico.

She attended Petra Mercado Bougart and then the Florida State College in Jacksonville, Florida. To the best of our knowledge, Nilmarie studied English Pedagogy at the Caribbean University and taught at Colegio Calvados in Bayamon, Puerto Rico for some time. The two still have to get married.

Lindor’s Height

Francisco has managed to maintain a fine athletic body, which is only one of the plus points for his career. He stands 1.80 m (5 feet 11 inches) and weighs 86 kg (190 pounds).

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