Henrik Stoltenberg seems to be doing really well again! The reality TV star has repeatedly made negative headlines in the past with alcohol escapades and the like. However, he reached the sad climax in this regard a few months ago when he was convicted of, among other things, incitement to hatred. He then withdrew from the public eye and completely changed his lifestyle. And that’s it Henrik really good!

“I’m doing great, better than ever. Positive, happy, just beautiful,” he said happily in his Instagram-Story. In the past few months, he has focused on the essentials, worked on himself and, among other things, avoided alcohol and parties. “It’s a different attitude towards life – I finally feel free. I finally feel like the person I actually am. I don’t have to wear this mask anymore, I don’t have all these fake people around anymore,” he said.

He always saw himself as a blatant party boy – but he wasn’t that at all. In the past I sometimes lost myself and sometimes chose the wrong path, but now he has found himself again. “I’m really, really good”proclaimed Henrik proud.

Source: celebtap.com